Enthralled: Sexuality Coaching

A journey to Your True Erotic Essence & Expression

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What if …

  • your sexuality could be a wellspring of energy, joy and self-love, rather than a source of disconnection or confusion?

  • you felt empowered to tease, please and fulfill yourself in ways you thought only a lover could?

  • you felt at home in your body, blissfully connected to what you need and desire, moment to moment?

  • you experienced more self-love and heart-connection during sex and self-pleasure?

  • you felt comfortable to really explore your body and pleasure capacity?

  • you could express your needs and desires to others?

  • you could create healthy boundaries that made more room for your true “hell yes?”

In Enthralled, you’ll heal what holds you back from your true erotic nature and uncover your authentic, fulfilling, blissful expression of sexuality.

Why work on your sexuality?

As a culture, we see tend to see focusing on sexuality as frivolous—when in fact, working on our sexuality opens us up to body/mind healing on profound levels, in all areas of our lives.

Sexuality coaching is a deep process, because our sexual energy is our life-force energy. Many people are nervous to approach their sexuality because we’ve received so much messaging around it being dangerous.

Sexual energy only becomes threatening when it is repressed and shamed, as it has been for centuries. Think about it for a moment—can you think of a celebrity or public figure with a healthy expression of sexuality? I can’t. So many people struggle with sexual empowerment because we have few, if any, examples.

So what is a healthy sexuality? It’s a vibrant sexuality. A sexuality that can move from sensual to wild to innocent to ecstatic. A sexuality with boundaries, that knows how to say no, as much as it can say yes. A sexuality you can access without shame. A sexuality that is as unique to you as the shape of your face.

Our sexual energy is responsible for so much more than just sex. It’s our creativity, and our ability to birth our ideas into the world. It’s our power center, one we’ve been cut off from. When we reconnect here, we awaken a deeper ability to heal ourselves and connect to Source.

This energy also connects us with our ability to feel pleasure, which is healing to our exhausted nervous systems on so many levels. Connecting with our sexual energy can reinvigorate us and give us a new zest for life, making states of joy and gratitude more accessible. Our sexual/life-force energy can empower us beyond our wildest dreams.

Not to mention the obvious: a healthy sexuality gives us access to extended pleasure states, new and amazing orgasms, and the ability to please ourselves on profound levels.

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Your path to nourishing sexual pleasure

In our sessions together, we will gently revisit the old stories that are holding you back. We will work to heal trauma and shame that you’ve inherited from your caregivers, friends, religion, partners, and/or society.

We’ll lean into a new story around sexuality, in part by uncovering your original erotic essence: the spark and wellspring of your unique erotic identity. We’ll create resources that allow you to begin to heal, play and discover who you really are as an erotic being.

Your sexuality and sexual imprint are unique to you. We’ll take a look at your desires, and over our time together, you’ll feel into which ones are life-affirming, and which ones aren’t in alignment with your highest truth.

Depending on your preferences and deep needs, we’ll use ceremony, a connection to the unseen world, and practices around body and genital acceptance to anchor in this new way of being with your sexuality.

Once we do this deep work and lay a foundation of health, you’ll learn new ways to experience pleasure and creativity in your daily life. Embodiment practices like dance and yoga, energy work, breathwork, and easy tantric self-pleasure practices will become part of your toolbox. Where there was once numbness, shame or compulsiveness, you’ll begin to feel expansiveness, desire, and pleasure.

If you’re partnered, we’ll delve into how to share your findings with your partner—how to show up as the erotic creature you are, communicate your desires gracefully, and get the pleasure and understanding you deserve.

Single or partnered, you’ll leave our coaching with:

  • a new understanding of your erotic essence

  • a deep knowing of your true desires and preferences

  • the ability to communicate them

  • more deep compassion toward yourself

  • more connection to your body, pleasure, and sexuality

  • a new ability to love/make love in alignment

  • a new understanding of orgasms and how to immerse in extended states of pleasure

  • plenty of tools for healing and pleasing yourself

In our time together, you’ll:

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Heal old stories and wounding around your sexuality.

your desires lynn wolfbrandt coaching.jpg

Discern what desires are yours, and what belongs to others.

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Connect deeply with the creative & life-affirming power of pleasure.

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Understand and nurture your natural and sacred sexual expression.

What you receive:

  • three months of commitment to your growth

  • nine 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions with me

  • guided audio meditations and journaling prompts (created just for you)

  • real-world action steps and exercises

  • email and Voxer support between sessions

  • a shame-free & conscious container where you can explore your patterns, blocks, desires, and dreams

  • understanding, reflection, accountability, and real support

  • the opportunity to heal on a deep level

You can move toward a relationship with your sexuality that is soulful, nourishing and blissful.

Coming into contact with your own sexuality and uncovering what lies underneath the conditioning can be immensely healing.

Because none of us are broken, regardless of what we’ve been taught, or thought. None of us are beyond repair. 

We just need to shine a light on where we've been, so we can move forward with grace and clarity. Understanding and shifting our old patterns and beliefs is key in moving toward our desires, and transforming.

Enthralled is for you if …

  • you are deeply curious about having a better relationship with your sexuality and yourself

  • you know there’s something more to sex and masturbation, but can’t figure out how to get there

  • you’re interested in more soulful sex

  • you’re experiencing shame, numbness, or fear around sex or masturbation

  • you can’t contact your sexual desire, or you feel too much sexual desire

  • you’re only attracted to the “wrong” people or fantasies

  • you’ve experienced sexual trauma or sexual shame

  • you desire more loving and nourishing connection to your body

  • you want more pleasure!

  • you’re willing to do homework between sessions that includes personalized practices like meditation, journaling, breathwork, self-pleasure, and movement

Who am I?

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I’m a certified sex, love and relationship coach with a focus on female sexuality and empowerment. I work with tantric techniques and modern psychological integration tools (emotional liberation, inner child work, aspecting, breathwork, ritual, self-pleasure practices, and more) to bring you results in sessions. We’ll work not only with your mind, but with your body, to get all of you on board for transformation. You can read more about me here.

I provide a grounded and non-judgmental container where you can share about your sexual experiences—I have an eventful sexual history that involves working in the sex toy industry, along with plenty of chaotic and exciting exploits (before I delved into my own healing and sacred sexuality in 2013). I’m very familiar with shadow aspects like addiction and shut-down, and have done my work to dismantle sexual shame, trauma, and unhealthy power dynamics in my own sexuality.

These days my sexuality feels nourishing, playful, lusty, healthily-boundaried and safe. I have a life-affirming self-pleasure practice that helps me contact and process my emotions. My sexual relationship with my partner goes at my body’s pace, and I’ve worked to make it a sacred space where I can express all shades of my sexuality.

What people are saying …

“As a 35 year old woman who has only recently decided to explore and develop her sexuality in a deeper, more intimate way I couldn't have asked for a better guide than Lynn.  The minute we connected online I instantly felt relaxed and open to sharing with her my intention for exploring a more sacred sexuality.  Her breath work recommendations were super easy to practice and helped me to drop in to my body and feel any constriction.  Her expertise is so broad that I was able to speak about sexuality and spirituality interchangeably.  I recommend connecting with Lynn if you have any inkling of interest in exploring what it means to be a woman beyond what we are taught by our culture and society.  It’s a beautiful process and Lynn is the perfect guide for this journey.” - MG

My work with Lynn is the most important work I’ve ever done for myself. I went into it hoping to get some insight and to maybe change a few things, but I can not stress enough how life-changing this was for me. I did not realize how my past relationships conditioned me to think that I was unworthy of my own love and pleasure. Lynn allowed me to drop into those past feelings with what felt like the warmest arms (even if it was over webcam). I felt that support and that she was really holding space for me.

Working with Lynn brought actual change I can see and feel within me. I am forever grateful that I found Lynn for this work: she is soft, inviting and I never felt like I was being judged for expressing what was going through my head. She shared some of her own experiences that made me feel like I wasn’t alone with my struggles, and went over and beyond with resources and books for me to further my work. I’ve been coached throughout my whole life and this is the most meaningful work I’ve done so far. I recommend this work with Lynn to every woman that has felt disempowered by society’s social norms, and who have the itch inside them for total reclamation of their bodies and feminine power.” - Myriam


What are the program details?

We’ll work together for three months, in which you’ll have nine coaching sessions.

We meet online, via the video conferencing software Zoom, for 60-minute sessions. We’ll meet once per week, with one week off each month for integration and rest.

You’ll receive home play in the form of meditations, tailored guided audios, self-pleasure, breathwork, journaling prompts, or movement, each week. We’ll work together to make it manageable for your schedule and lifestyle.

Want to book a 2-session package to dip your toe in and check out the work? Click here to check out that option.

Guided self-pleasure? How does that work?

I remain fully clothed in all sessions, and for sessions that focus on self-pleasure, your camera will remain off, as I guide you to your comfort level. In these sessions, you will work with visualization only or choose to touch yourself atop your clothing. Your boundaries are always honored, and consent is an important element of our work together. Deeper self-pleasure explorations are assigned as home play.

Is this program only for women?

I work with all genders, binary and non-binary, trans and cis. I am very selective about the men I work with, and only work with men who are in touch with their Feminine, and who are respectful and honoring of consent and boundaries.

I have suffered severe sexual abuse. Is this program for me?

Please reach out and we can discuss it. I have taken trauma-informed trainings, and can hold compassionate space for traumatic sexual events, as well as support you in gently processing trauma. In cases of severe sexual abuse or developmental trauma, I may refer you to a trauma specialist. If you have worked on these events with a skilled therapist or are working with someone concurrently, working together may be just the extra support you need to move toward more healthy sexuality and experiences.

I’d love more details about the program.

This package is 9 sessions over three months (three sessions/month). It includes individually tailored audios and practices created just for you, and access to me between sessions.

During our initial 30-minute chemistry call, we’ll discuss the pricing and payment options available to you.

Payment plans are available. I reserve a limited number of sliding scale spots, based on individual need and commitment to the work.

Ready to sign up? I’d love to talk with you about working together. Please fill out the short application below, and I’ll contact you to schedule a Chemistry Call, where we can make sure we’re a great fit and you can ask me any questions. I look forward to connecting with you!

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